Cape Chauffeurs is a combination of two things John really enjoys doing, driving and he doesn’t mind a chat.  John is the Designated Grown-Up (Enterprise Engineer, Grand Poobah, Head Honcho) of the business. Or, as the Leavers referred to him, the ‘old dude with the cool car’. John enjoys what he is doing and in Cape Chauffeurs he has a built team with the same set of values based on service and fun. It’s all about creating memories.




Carmel enjoys meeting new people and there is no shortage of them with Cape Chauffeurs. Leaving the business side of things to John, Carmel is more the Organiser of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity managing the marketing and social media side of things.

Driving people where they want to go, be it lunch with friends or heading to an event, is a really nice part of the Cape Chauffeurs experience.

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