Our clients are at the heart of our business mission, which is to provide you with an experience that is 'fun to formal'.  We are dedicated to providing quality service at realistic prices.  We pride ourselves on enjoying what we do. If we are having fun doing what we do, we are sure you will have a great time with us. Whether you're travelling to your favourite restaurant down the road or, to Perth airport for an overseas holiday you will get the same great service.

About Us


Cape Chauffeurs is a combination of two things John really enjoys doing, driving and he doesn’t mind a chat.  John is the Designated Grown-Up (Enterprise Engineer, Grand Poobah, Head Honcho) of the business. Or, as the Leavers referred to him, the ‘old dude with the cool car’. John enjoys what he is doing and in Cape Chauffeurs he has a built team with the same set of values based on service and fun. It’s all about creating memories.




With a love for the outdoors Nicki is incredibly passionate about her own ‘backyard’. She goes the extra mile to create memorable experiences for her guests, earning her the title of Cape Chauffeurs Customer Experience Specialist. You can tell that Nicki loves what she does, and the clients love her too! 

Like “The Boss”, I am not averse to a chat, especially if it is all about the stunning southwest with all its treasures. 




From fun to formal, we’ll take you there. That’s the mission and it’s Carmel’s job to share that story with you. As the Organiser of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity, Carmel manages the marketing and social media side of things for Cape Chauffeurs. The pen behind the posts. You will occasionally see her in the driver’s seat, although she does miss the V8!