Terms & Conditions

1. Booking Conditions & Payment Methods

Full Payment is required 7 days prior to the booking date. If the booking is cancelled within 4 days of the booking date no refunds will be given.

Payments can be done with Cash, Direct Debit, Visa or Mastercard Credit Card. 

2. Departure Times

Please ensure that your departure times on your quotation are correct as we reserve the right to charge an hourly rate or part there of outside quoted times.

3. Delays

Though all reasonable effort will be made, Cape Chauffeurs takes no responsibility for loss, damage or inconvenience resulting from delays in the itinerary.

4. Client pick-up Locations

Prior to the day of departure, written directions (preferably with a map) will be supplied by the client, together with the name and phone No. of a contact person at each pick up point. Pick-up times are approximate only – due to possible delays caused by traffic, poor road and/or weather conditions.  

5. Luggage, Property and Personal Items

Cape Chauffeurs will take extreme care in the handling and stowing of all passengers gear & equipment, however we take no responsibility for loss or damage of such items. 

6. In Car Food & Refreshment 

Prior agreement must be had prior to the consumption of any foodstuffs in our cars. Upon agreement a cleaning charge may be applied.   Any passenger suffering a bilious attack and/or creating willful excessive mess is liable for a $150.00 cleaning fee for each incident.  

7. Tour Bookings

All quotes include the Car, Driver, Fuel, Insurances & GST where applicable. We are happy to prepare an itinerary for our clients. If you have decided on your own tour venues it is your responsibility to notify the venues of your itinerary visiting times. We are happy to assist in recommending venues for your itinerary.

Any luncheon, morning tea, afternoon tea costs are not included in quotations unless prior arrangements are made.

8. Quote Validity

All quotes are valid for 28 days from the date of the quote, based on the information provided. We reserve the right to re-quote should passenger numbers or any other details change at any time. If you requireusing only part of or using parts of this quote, we reserve the right to re-quote.

9. Alcohol Consumption

The consumption of liquor supplied by the passengers in Cape Chauffeurs vehicles is allowed subject to provisions under the Liquor Control Act 1988. Trips must be a minimum of 1 hour duration. No minors to consume alcohol. No alcohol on trips to and from school functions.